Lake Atalanta Park & Trails

The newest place to paddle a kayak, catch a fish or pedal a bike in Rogers is the gorgeous Lake Atalanta Park. Winding loops wrap a spring-fed lake that’s lush with the full brilliance of a pristine Ozark forest.

The park also boasts a boardwalk for fishing, playgrounds, a stream, pavilions, and off-road mountain biking trails for multiple skill levels as well as the popular Railyard Bike Park.


The playgrounds at this beautiful park are a wonderful way to get some energy out with the kids! With modern play structures, large grassy areas, and a stream, there is something for everyone.

The pristine waters of Lake Atalanta dazzle in the sunlight and mirror the lush Ozark forest that surrounds it. The serene setting provides the perfect escape from the daily grind, whether it’s a relaxing stroll around the lake or an invigorating bike ride through the park’s extensive trail system.

The park has many amenities, including a paved walkway that loops around the lake, a new boardwalk with “bump out” areas for fishing, kayaking, and paddle boarding, picnic shelters, artwork, state-of-the-art natural children’s playgrounds, and more. It is a must-see park in Rogers, Arkansas.

Picnic Shelters

The city of Rogers is home to a number of beautiful parks that provide recreational activities for all ages and interests. Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area offers hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding trails while Lake Atalanta Park & Trails and Railyard Park offer a variety of outdoor activities like a fishing lake, paved bike trail, playgrounds, picnic areas, and more.

Lake Atalanta’s pristine waters dazzle visitors throughout the year and are the perfect spot for a stroll, a relaxing swim, or a family picnic. The paved walking trail around the lake is two lanes and has plenty of space for runners, bikers, and joggers.

The park also has five picnic shelters and is a great place for families to gather for a fun day out. There are also a variety of picnic tables scattered throughout the park. The park’s trails are perfect for hikers of all ages and experience levels, as they range from easy to more difficult. Rock Solid Trail Contracting, one of the top mountain bike trail contractors in North America, designed the trails.


Located one-half mile from downtown Rogers, Lake Atalanta Park is the gem of this city’s 236-acre park system. Winding loops surround a spring-fed reservoir and trails lace through the park’s woods, making the area a dream for cyclists on foot or spoked wheels. The trails also connect to the Railyard Bike Park in downtown Rogers.

Many of the city’s trail builders are mountain bike obsessed and enjoy riding their work after they complete it, Nelson says. They are trying to improve the quality of the soft-surface trails by making them more fun and easier to ride than the original trail design eight to 10 years ago, he adds.

Take a sampler run around the loop trail that wraps the lake, with water views nearly the whole way. Or, head to the hard-surface path that veers east from the lake for a few miles past Diamond Spring, where chilly water pours into the lake. After a mile, veer off the concrete path and check out Ridgerunner soft-surface trail, which features some short, steep climbs and gravity cavities.


The pristine lake at Lake Atalanta Park is the crowning glory of this gorgeous park. During the day, the lake is a picturesque scene that dazzles with vibrant colors as the sunlight dances on the water.

In the evening, the lake offers visitors a chance to relax and enjoy the tranquil setting. In addition to the beautiful lake, the park also features a bike trail that is popular with people of all ages. The trail is paved and ideal for walking, running, and biking.

Located next to The Railyard in downtown Rogers, this stunning park is the perfect place for families and friends to spend a day outdoors. With beautiful winding loops that wrap around a spring-fed lake lush with the full brilliance of a pristine Ozark forest, there is plenty to do at this park!

For those looking for a challenge, there are hiking trails that offer a variety of terrains including ridges, creeks, woods, and meadows. For a more relaxing experience, there is a paved loop that circles the lake and is suitable for strollers and wheelchairs.



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