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Did you know that neglecting your roof , allowing harmful bacteria and organic growth contaminate the shingles will both cause leaks and possibly void your warranty? Roof cleaning is one of the most important and overlooked services. Why? As homeowners, we’re not used to looking at our roof every day making it easy to miss what’s happening to your singles.

There are multiple stages to the bacteria and growth on your roof. The black streaks lead to lichen which is a combination of algae and fungus that attaches and embeds itself to your roof. Through each stage, the lichen will grow and actually penetrate your shingles getting under, displacing and causing irreversible damage.

Pressure cleaning a roof is the answer. But it’s a delicate process. Your singles have millions of granules that extend its life. The best way to clean  your roof is with a process called “Soft Washing”. Our process uses as much pressure as a garden hose and is guaranteed to kill 99% of the organic growth on your roof. Check out our roof washing work below!

Pressure Washing Roof Tiles
Pressure Washing Service
A dirty, damaged roof
Stains on roof prior to roof washing service

One of the most important reasons to hire a professional for roof washing is safety. Climbing a ladder and walking around on your roof can be dangerous, and it’s important to have someone with the proper training and equipment to do the job safely. Our team of roof washing experts is fully trained and equipped to handle the challenges of cleaning your roof, whether that be navigating the slope and pitch or working with different types of roofing materials. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for your roof washing process.

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Before After
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Your Roof Might Not Need to Be Replaced!

Regular roof cleaning will extend its life and save you thousands of dollars.

Your Roof Might Not Need to Be Replaced!

Regular roof cleaning will extend its life and save you thousands of dollars.

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