Why You Should Hire a Professional Window Cleaner

Professional window cleaning services include the cleaning of all windows, frames, sills, and screens. They also eliminate hard water spots that may be present from sprinklers or rain.

Many people spray their own store-brand window cleaner and wipe down the windows with paper towels or newspapers, but this is not a good solution to achieve pure clean windows. Ask about insurance and equipment when hiring a professional cleaning company. See our home page.

1. Safety

Professional window cleaners take many safety measures to protect themselves and their clients. They pre-walk the route of a job to see how they will reach windows and whether there are any fragile aspects or barriers. They also use specialized equipment to remove and replace window screens.

The brighter interior that comes with clean windows helps reduce allergens, mold, and dust that could otherwise cause problems for people’s health. This is important in commercial buildings where the health of employees and customers alike matters.

Window cleaning is tough work and requires a lot of time to do well. It’s no wonder that it’s a chore that most people procrastinate on. And if done incorrectly, it can be dangerous. Ladder accidents are not uncommon and can lead to serious injury or death. Fortunately, with the right training, safety procedures, and equipment inspection, accidents and deaths are less common. This is why the best commercial window cleaning services start every job with a visit to the home to assess the situation.

2. Efficiency

The average homeowner can use basic cleaning equipment like a spray bottle, bucket, squeegee, and lint-free rags to clean windows. But a professional window cleaner uses heavy-duty industry-standard cleaning materials that can combat tough dirt and grime.

Professionals also know how to dry windows thoroughly to reduce streaking. They may spot small problems that could become major issues later, such as clogged channels or painted sashes. These problems can hinder emergency escapes during fires or make it difficult for children to open windows to jump out of the house in an emergency.

In addition to preventing accidents and injuries, the efficiency measures taken by professional window cleaners can save homeowners money on costly repairs or replacements. For example, they will spot and repair broken glass, cracked sills or rotting window frames, and they can also offer advice on energy efficiency solutions. Look for a company that offers a service guarantee and can provide references.

3. Cleanliness

Often homeowners will clean their windows by spraying a solution on them and wiping it away. While this does make the windows look better, it doesn’t give them a deep clean that will ensure they work correctly.

Professional window cleaning services use the proper tools to do their job and have all of the right equipment to do it well. This includes ladders, a water-fed pole system for high windows, and even a lift to get those really tall ones. They also have all of the necessary brushes, squeegees, and microfiber cloths along with scrapers for those hard-to-reach areas.

Before starting any cleaning job, the professionals will visit your home and take note of every aspect that needs to be cleaned. This helps with their safety measures and allows them to see any issues that may arise while cleaning your windows. It also gives them a chance to check PPE such as protective eyewear, hard hats, and safety jackets.

4. Value

Professional window cleaning offers a significant return on investment. One survey by real estate agents found that out of all the things you could do before putting your home up for sale, clean windows brought the highest ROI at 768%!

A professional cleaning service will start each job with a visit to the property so that they can see exactly what needs doing. They will also be able to tell what safety precautions, such as ladder height, are required.

They can also identify issues, such as broken seals on double-hung windows or rotted sills and sashes before they cause bigger problems. This helps to save you money on potential repair bills in the future, and it shows your clients that you care about their property. They may also offer services to remove hard water spots, which are often left behind when people try to wash their windows themselves. This is a value-add that many clients appreciate. Definitely worth checking out!