Power Washing Decking

Power Washing Decking: A Comprehensive How-to Guide

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you care for your deck? Power washing decking can be a powerful, effective tool in your arsenal of deck-care techniques. It’s fast, easy, and efficient—one quick session with a power washer can transform a dingy or grimy surface into an attractive one that complements any outdoor space. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to take advantage of all the benefits power washing has to offer by teaching you proper techniques and safety protocols. We’ll also teach you our top tricks for saving time and getting the best results possible with minimal effort. Let’s get started!

Deck Power Washing
Deck Power Washing

What You Need to Get Started Power Washing 

To begin your power washing journey, you’ll need a few essential items. 

  1. Power Washer: This is, of course, the primary tool in the process. Both electric and gas-powered models are available. The choice depends on the intensity of washing required and your comfort level with handling the equipment. 
  2. Protective Gear: Safety is paramount. Always wear goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris. Wear sturdy, non-slip shoes, and consider ear protection if using a loud, gas-powered model.
  3. Cleaning Solution: While not always necessary, a deck-cleaning solution can help to break down stubborn grime and algae. Ensure the solution is suitable for your deck’s material to prevent damage.
  4. Deck Brush with Long Handle: For stubborn spots, a deck brush can be used in conjunction with the power washer.

Remember, always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your power washer and any cleaning solutions.

Preparing the Deck for Power Washing 

Before you proceed with power washing, it’s essential to prepare your deck properly. Start by removing all furniture, plant pots, and other items from the deck area. This not only protects your belongings from the power washer but also gives you a clear space to work in. Next, sweep the deck thoroughly to remove loose debris such as leaves, dirt, or small rocks – these can become dangerous projectiles under the pressure of the power washer. If you notice any major stains or mold, pre-treat these areas with a suitable deck cleaner. This will make it easier for the power washer to do its job. Lastly, wet any surrounding plants or grass with water to dilute any potential runoff of cleaning solution that might cause harm. With these steps completed, your deck is now ready for power washing.

Power Washing Deck
Power Washing Deck

Setting Up the Power Washer 

Setting up your power washer correctly is crucial for optimal performance and safety. First, connect the water supply hose to the washer; ensure it’s tightly secured to prevent leaks. Attach the high-pressure hose and the spray wand or nozzle, and make sure all the connections are firm. If you decide to use a cleaning solution, insert the siphon tube into your cleaning solution container. For gas power washers, check the oil and fuel levels; for electric models, plug into a grounded outlet. Finally, adjust the pressure settings. Start on a lower setting and gradually increase as needed – this prevents potential damage to the deck. Remember, never aim the washer at people, animals, or windows, and always hold the spray wand with both hands while operating. You’re now ready to start power washing your deck.

Power Washing the Deck Safely and Effectively

The process of power washing the deck should be performed with precision and care. Start at one end of your deck and methodically work your way to the other end. Hold the spray wand at a 45-degree angle about 3-4 feet from the deck surface to prevent damage. The wand should be aimed downwards, sweeping the water along the deck boards in the direction of the wood grain. This ensures effective cleaning and minimizes the potential for wood damage. 

Take note to maintain a consistent distance and pressure to avoid uneven cleaning or damage to the deck. You can adjust the pressure or move closer for stubborn spots but always exercise caution. Never linger too long on one spot, as this can cause the wood to splinter or gouge. 

If you’re using a cleaning solution, apply it to the deck and allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off with the power washer. Ensure that all the cleaning solution is thoroughly rinsed off to prevent potential harm to your deck’s surface. 

Professional Deck Cleaning
Professional Deck Cleaning

Once you’ve completed power washing, let the deck dry completely, typically 48 hours, before replacing your furniture or applying any sealants. Power washing can be a powerful tool for maintaining your deck, but safety and proper technique are essential for achieving the best possible results. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily and quickly maintain your deck for years to come. 

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